POLBOT is an Italian Brand that boasts it’s fifty years experience.


The great knowledge of coats, passed through generations, has confirmed this brand’s presence in the international markets with no doubt.


The intelligent use of fabrics and materials that distinguish the quality and the evolutionary stylistic research, have brought this historical brand to the top of the world for men’s jackets. From the essential and functional line of classic garments, to the innovative shiny high tech jackets, POLBOT defeats all competitors in resistance, comfort and fitting.


Even winking to the tradition, Polbot represents the symbol of evolution in all meanings.The structure of its staff, slim but yet extended, is the clear example of how the experience in this department, with the modern culture of style, can become a worldwide success.


The Brand is assigned to a team of top professionals that manage the product from the first ideas to the realization of the final garment; without leaving out any details, with a method dictated from the treatment that only a craftsman can give while manufacturing a jacket of great value.


It continues its rise, climbing all the realities of the international markets with no stop. Proof of this is the Brand “PBT Sportswear”, born to give the possibility to who already appreciates the brand Polbot, also the ability of a great choice of research and design in fashion… and this is only the beginning.



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