EMI Maglia

EMI Maglia

Montagnana, an ancient medieval fortress just few miles away from Venice, is the breathtaking environment where Emi Maglia Group deepens its roots.


Its history began thanks to the profound experience with which skilful hands used to produce knitwear in the past centuries, to which the company was able to add other indispensable ingredients for today's reality such as advanced technology, impeccable organization and the most attentive stylistic and qualitative research.


hese valuable characteristics have made Emi Maglia a worldwide protagonist in ladies & men knitwear production and selling markets, with a 360 degrees presence throughout the entire industrial chain and a productivity that only very few companies can claim as their own.
A reality which is able to create a product up to what is referred to as "Made in Italy", as well as more competitive alternatives, thanks to its careful marketing policy which always aims to guarantee the best quality/price rate.


Organization, machines, selected high quality raw materials as well as deep knowledge of the product are important details, but there is a more valuable ingredient from which Emi Maglia's success comes from... never forget its origins, turn its passion into a life-time committed job, from generation to generation...



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